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It’s a sad thought but like many great inventions of the mind I feel artistry and all that it meant to be, one who sees life not through the eyes of your neighbour or your street or your community but through the shifting gravitational lensing that is a characterisation of identity in the truest sense has become a facet upon which we can only look [one way] backward, a perspective consistent with the modern bearing on history as a pursuit if only to study. There is a many great things as people that we share, all born of the same to which our inheritance is the same name, sapien; but birthed with a unique idiosyncratic certainty that has not nor can not be shared, replicated or mimicked throughout the history of history.. I. To be the individual is to grasp you are ever capable of the very worst of your nature and with full authority command the very best of and from yourself with absolute unequivocal satisfaction.

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