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Being someone who has rarely lacked confidence in ones self throughout his life it may sound trite and to be realistic down right unfounded, considering I currently have less than nothing to show for what many would label my arrogance, but to me success is every bit state of mind as it is any other factor. Convincing yourself of goals that are out of reach is to tell the innocent man of no means who faces a prejudicial system that he should resign himself to the disposition of a guilty man because that is all that is left for him, for a man such as himself does not deserve the liberties of other men; those who fortune favours. To me that is simply not true, to tell a child to “hope” for the best is not a system that creates minds that are willing and even more so daring to perceive their own reality into existence. There is a discernible difference between facing failure and simply accepting defeat, and the biggest test for any one person who plans to make it to the mountain top is realising how you handle an obstruction in the road. For me there is no such thing as a loss simply a lesson to be learned and the largest one I face everyday is “how do I create opportunity” not simply for myself but for every person who does not share what I was somehow granted at birth, the ability to believe the words that I speak.

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