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"In 2020 we have left behind the age of information and breached beyond the walls of a new age of confirmation. In this society one of two things exist, you are either ally or antagonist. Black and white becomes the palette for all interactions as we make our best efforts to conceal any representation of deviation. This deconstructing of nuance I fear is a one way highway marred with restrictions that leads to a future void of any expression or passion. The once sacred knowledge that between black and white lies the full spectrum of every colour visible to the human eye is representative of a period in human history that celebrated a once prosperous generation of intellectual independence lost to time. As we continue to tumble further down the rabbit hole a final chapter awaits, the irrevocable decisions implemented by spineless leadership produces a fusion of every vertebrae that forms the backbone of society plaguing what was left of an already emaciated system. The rigidity proving catastrophic to the skeletal structure as the system collapses under it's own weight, signalling the resounding devolution of critical thinking into monotony. Born out of what is left, homogeneity rules as we live out the era of Conformation -- Absolute Zero."

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